Maintaining an organized and clean office environment is essential for the success of whatever you do. Lots of companies and organizations hire professional office cleaning services to keep their offices clean rather engage a full-time janitor. Usually, professional commercial cleaning services will clean your entire office after your employees have left at the end of the day, or every other day depending on the kind of contract you have with them.

Finding good and reputable office cleaning services is not an easy task particularly if your location has several of them. Before you agree to sign on the dotted line and enter into a contract with a commercial cleaning company, there are several issues that you need to give your attention.

Verify Service Quality

When looking for a commercial cleaning service, first check out the company’s credibility to avoid problems once the contract has been signed. Check with some of their past or current clients to verify their reputation and cleaning standards.

A reputable company ought to have manpower that is well-trained and experienced, capable of thoroughly cleaning your office premises, no matter its size. They must have in their possession the necessary equipment and tools to finish the job effectively and quickly.

Flexible Timings

Many commercial establishments and organizations offices, especially factories and workshops have departments that work according to shift timings. The chosen cleaning company must be in a position of adjusting their cleaning routines to match your schedules, even if it means they have to come in at some odd hours. If the company lacks sufficient manpower, they may not cope with such demands.

Choose Well-Established Company

Look for an office cleaning edmonton service that is well-established, one that has been servicing the area for quite some time. Check their employees’ credentials to ensure the security and safety of your office. Inquire about how the company screens their staff and what kinds of background checks are performed.

Licenses and Insurance

The commercial cleaning firm you select must be fully bonded, insured, and licensed. This is the only guarantee you can have that the people coming to clean your premises can be trusted. After all, you need to safeguard your office, protect valuable equipment, and other installations.

The Service Contract

Read the contract thoroughly before you sign. Whenever possible, get a company that offers a trial period so that you can terminate their services if they are not delivering according to expectations.


Office cleaning is a usually complex process which only leading cleaning companies can effectively carry out. A poorly done job can dent the image of your business or brand, potentially even resulting in loss of customers. However, with due diligence and following the above checklist, you will surely land the right cleaning company.