One of the things that most Canadian societies seem to enjoy more is celebrating new trends. Robotics, cell phones, mobile applications, the scope of the internet, and computing power are all topics that are discussed daily on social media platforms, news reports, movies, and TV commercials. Like any other industry, the cleaning and hygiene industry isn’t devoid of opportunities and trends that are considered to be sweeping the market or taking the industry to a new level. In connection to this, the following are some of the top trends in the office cleaning business in Canada:

Shift to green cleaning products

Although cleaning products and equipment considered to be green and eco-friendly have been around for several years, they have heavily been adopted by office cleaning companies in the recent past as more people become environmentally conscious. Today, many firms are very keen on the type of products that are used in their floors to avoid potential toxic residues and due to other health considerations. If you are in the office or commercial cleaning business, therefore, it is high time you considered incorporating some green cleaning products and solutions in your cleaning program.

Robotic Cleaners

You’ve probably seen vacuum bots on TV or movies, scooting about hallways and removing dirt and dust. Yes, new robots can clean walls, scrub windows, or mop floors—and they are increasing being adopted by high-end cleaning companies. Don’t worry about losing your business to robots; instead, consider incorporating them into your cleaning program. Let’s face it; the robotic world is getting better and more popular. Indeed , adding high-tech edge to your office cleaning business with robots will not only attract more customers to your business but will also appeal to people’s fascination—which translates to more business.

Adoption of Productivity Software

Big cleaning companies have been experimenting with a wide range of productivity software to boost their efficiency, and you shouldn’t be left behind. If you are small commercial or office cleaning startup and you have dreams of expanding the business, you need to start exploring relevant computer software packages. Databases, bookkeeping solutions, spreadsheets and word processors among other technological tools can go a long way in streamlining your business’ productivity and efficiency. You can even take advantage of the mobile versions of these technological solutions in case you are an on-the-go cleaner.


Marketing, organization, excellent customer service, productivity and efficiency are crucial elements of a strong business, but being up to date with your industry trends is a great way of keeping an eye on the competition. Trends in any industry provide a great alternative to status quo, and if well exploited may improve your firm’s quality levels and client satisfaction. For those of you interested, you can learn more information at Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems.