It is important to always keep the office environment clean. Many organizations hire office-cleaning companies to clean their premises. These cleaning companies often have certain standards of service delivery to ensure quality services.

Cleaning supplies vary depending on office standards and requirements. However, general supplies include waste containers, trashcans, janitor’s cart, vacuum cleaner, glass cleanser, gloves, dust cloths, furniture polish, spray, and wipe cleansers with an antibacterial agent.

Safety First
Employees who provide cleaning services often expose themselves to unclean surfaces that may have harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. Therefore, the safety of these employees should be considered. The cleaning crew should have various safety gear including protective gloves and face masks.

General Area Cleaning
The cleaning crew must pay extra attention to areas with high traffic when performing their office cleaning Edmonton duties. All liter baskets should be frequently cleaned and their liners replaced regularly. All doors and walls should be cleaned thoroughly at least once a week. Desktop equipment including telephones and fax machines should be wiped down with a spray and an antibacterial cleaner every day. In addition, office furniture should be also sprayed and wiped down on a daily basis.

Bathrooms should be odor free and clean all the time. Anti-bacterial spray is used to clean toilets, urinals and proximate areas. Excess water should be wiped of thoroughly. Paper and soap dispensers should be refilled whenever they become empty.

Glass Surfaces
Glass surfaces like bathroom glass, glass entry ways and other glass surfaces can be sprayed or wiped with a glass cleaner. Glass surfaces easily get spotted or smudged, therefore they should be wiped and cleaned regularly during the day.

All carpeted floors and bathrooms should be vacuumed, swept and mopped every day. Mats and carpets must be cleaned at the end of each workday to maintain their bright appearance.

Checklist for Cleaning an Office
A clean office creates a comfortable work environment. It also provides a good first impression of the office and helps to create an air of professionalism and good planning.

Garbage bags are often supplied to offices by cleaning companies for garbage disposal. Office sanitation staff usually changes the liner and ensure the bin is clean. Today, many office sanitation companies recycle garbage to promote eco-friendliness.

If your office has a common eating area or a kitchen, ensure that the counters are kept clean. This keeps off pests such as ants. In addition, clean the sinks regularly and dispose stale food.

Clean all entryways, windows, and porches, and remove cobwebs, bugs and grime from these areas.

Office cleaning is an essential element of office maintenance. It does not just keep a business premise clean, but it also helps to get rid of harmful bacteria and other microorganisms that may cause illnesses. Office cleaning should conform to certain standards.