Green cleaning means a professional cleaning company only uses products that are environmentally-friendly. Many cleaning products contain harmful ingredients that can be toxic to the office environment. Many companies are starting green office cleaning initiatives to improve the indoor air quality of the office. Environmentally friendly products include using natural ingredients that won’t harm the indoor air quality. Conventional cleaners contain ingredients that are harmful to both your health and the environment.

Why Conventional Cleaners Are Harmful

Conventional cleaning ingredients are derived from non-renewable resources. The process in which they are produced creates contaminated waters. These chemicals are also cycled back in the environment and can interfere with the natural ecosystems. Conventional cleaners also contain ozone-depleting ingredients. The production of large amounts of paper uses a lot of energy and water resources. Recycled materials in paper production can decrease water pollution up to 35 percent. More information can be found if you visit the Jan-Pro website.

Green Office Tips

You can further improve the indoor air quality in the office by placing an assortment of plants in the workplace. Plants absorb gases through pores found on the surface of their leaves. They also convert light energy and carbon dioxide into chemical energy to fuel growth. Plants can also absorb pesticides, plastic fumes, cigarette smoke and formaldehyde found in common products.

Create a green team that meets once a month for suggestions to further improve the office. Place recycle bins in the break room and encourage employees to contribute. Optimize the energy-saving settings for office computers and other electronics. Install motion-detecting lights that go off when no one is in the restroom. Encourage employees to turn off their power strips at the end of the work day. Reduce paper usage by creating online document files that are stored in the cloud.

Encourage employees to carpool or take local transportation instead of driving to the office. If you must use paper in the office, then purchase recycled paper, refillable pens and markers instead of disposable ones. Use both sides of paper when making copies. Shred and reuse old document paper. They make perfect packing materials in shipments. Consider replacing the office lights with energy-saving LEDs. This can reduce your energy bill and save valuable resources. Make sure the workplace has good ventilation to ensure adequate air flow to all employees.

Buy recycled office supplies such as toner and ink. Instead of printing out large batches of employee handbooks, store policies, manuals and other documents in the cloud. Air dryers in the company restroom will also cut down on paper use. Encourage employees to bike or walk to work by providing company incentives. Support employees who need to work fewer days during the week. Think about letting some employees work from home if they can use their own computer at home.